Invisalign, the brainchild of Stanford University graduate Zia Chishti and his business partner Kelsey Wirth, was born out of a desire to revolutionize orthodontic treatment. The idea took root when Chishti experienced a broken retainer while he was a graduate student. This unfortunate incident led him to envision a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces.

Chishti’s realization came in the form of advanced computer technology. He recognized that computer-aided design and 3D printing could be leveraged to create a series of clear, removable aligners that would gradually shift teeth into their desired positions. This high-tech approach marked a departure from the traditional orthodontic methods involving brackets and wires.

In 1997, Zia Chishti co-founded Align Technology, Inc., a company dedicated to bringing his vision to life. Align Technology’s pioneering work paved the way for the development of the Invisalign system. The company’s dedication to innovation and commitment to providing patients with a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing orthodontic solution drove the clear aligner revolution.

In 1998, Align Technology received FDA approval for the Invisalign system, marking a significant milestone in the world of orthodontics. Patients embraced the concept of clear aligners, drawn by the promise of a nearly invisible, convenient, and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. Since its inception, Invisalign has continued to evolve. Technological advancements have enabled even more precise treatment planning and better results. Today, Invisalign aligners are used to address a wide range of orthodontic issues, from mild to complex cases.

At Unbraced Invisalign Studio, led by the experienced orthodontist Dr. Ronald C. Maddox, we are proud to offer patients the transformative power of Invisalign aligners. Dr. Maddox’s expertise combined with Invisalign’s innovative technology allows us to provide tailored treatment plans that create radiant smiles and boost self-esteem. The invention of Invisalign by Zia Chishti and Align Technology has revolutionized orthodontics, providing millions of individuals with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing path to their dream smiles. If you’re ready to experience the transformative power of Invisalign, schedule a consultation at Unbraced Invisalign Studio today.

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