At Unbraced, we offer a free initial appointment for all our patients. This initial appointment includes a tour of our facility with information on our experience and the advanced technology we utilize to provide faster, more comfortable treatment. Having the opportunity to see how we work often helps to put our patients at ease.


After a tour of our state-of-the-art office, it’s time to get down to business. Using our digital scanner and Outcome Simulation technology, we will take digital records and photographs of your teeth, which we use to show you your future smile on the spot!

Our Invisalign Consultant will discuss your chief concerns, your desired result and share with you the amazing benefits of the Invisalign treatment process.

Dr. Maddox will review your digital records, address any questions or concerns and provide you with a personalized treatment plan to achieve your absolutely best smile.

At Unbraced we have payment plans that make it easy for everyone to be a candidate for a fabulous smile! Our Finance Specialist will explain the specifics of our fees, insurance and finance options.


We want you to be fully informed about your orthodontic treatment, but at Unbraced this doesn’t mean you have to wait to get started. With our advanced technology, we have all the information we need to begin creating the perfect smile that allows you to start on the same day as your free consultation. What’s more, we’ll hook you up with an Invisalign Instant Savings of a $200 special offer.

Are you ready to bring out your best smile? Book your free consultation at Unbraced today.