Your first consultation explained

We’ve received your appointment request and we will reach back out to confirm desired appointment time. In the meantime, review what to expect at your first visit with us.



Enjoy a complete tour of the Unbraced office before we take your digital records to prepare for your Invisalign scan. We'll then present you with a welcome gift and card.



Our Invisalign Therapist will go through a quick questionnaire with you to better understand your concerns and then administer your 3D scan. Once we see your future unforgettable smile come to life, our elite Invisalign orthodontist, Dr. Maddox, will ask you a few more questions about what you want to achieve from treatment, give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and talk through the best plan option for you.



After we’ve reviewed your scan and gone over your recommended treatment plan, one of our Invisalign Consultants will review specifics of insurance and finance options. You can take your treatment plan home to think it over or signup same day. If you signup same day, we will treat you to a $150 gift card!